Thanksgiving For All

Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness... it's an occasion to be spent in the warm and loving company of family, loved ones and friends enjoying turkey roast and pumpkin pies with them. Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to renew the ties that bind us with the ones we love... it is a time for remembering, cherishing and being thankful for all the good things you have been blessed with. So it's time to say 'Happy Thanksgiving'

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Poetic Thanksgiving

Poems are the essence of the inner feelings for anyone. Being poetic needs some phonetic sense and a passion that one feels towards something. Thanksgiving is an occasion where loved ones come together to reap the fruits of harvest. Thanksgiving is more than just football, turkey, cranberry sauce and having fun and being jolly with loved ones. It is the time of sentiments and emotions to flow. And what better way to express the feeling other than writing down poems.

The best way to make people understand that you care for them is through love expressed through words. There are several categories of poems especially related to the occasion of thanksgiving like from how to observe thanksgiving to the turkey. Thanksgiving inspire all the hardest of hearts to pause and consider the things for which we're most thankful. Taking a quite time out from the chaos and choosing the corner of the glass sliding window, looking towards the falling leaves will drive the poet inside of you. There is a lot of people to thank to. This can be done through poems. Not everybody writes poems but one can try to bring out their expression through something, on this day. Poems, seems to me the best way to do that. So why don't you guys just try to be poets this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Table Decor

It is the time to bring out the best napkins and the dishes. My mom always looked forward for this dinner every year where she can showcase her best tableware. Thanksgiving is a special time for every family. She takes time to decorate the table with china, stemware stuffed beautifully with white napkins, a warm autumn center piece adorned with candles and sprinkled confetti around the place mats on her table for added fun. The new decors which are gaining popularity includes cranberry tea lights. This can be done with other fruits too. Cranberries are placed in an inexpensive glass bowl along with candles. The other decorations can be pumpkin vases, pumpkin candle holders, bobbing apple tea lights. You can bring out your creative self for this occasion with new and bizarre ideas.

Combining chicken made out of straw & dried fall flowers may be a good centerpiece. Others are handmade turkeys, velvet leaves, kid's crafts, simple ribbons, pumpkin spice sashes or simple flowers. My mom is too fussy about the table cloth and the cutlery and so she makes it a point to keep them neat and clean. There is also a table for kids which is a favorite and quite popular among the kids of our house. The kid's table is decorated with brightly colored papers and plastic plates. All these are my mom's ideas. She thinks it really gets boring for the kids to be a part of adult discussion on the same dinner table. As a kid my mom always bought me laundry markers so that the I can have some fun writing while having finger- licking dinner. I always purchase a bunch of wheat from craft store or the near-by florist. I trim the the edges to a height I like. Then tie it with a colorful ribbon and make it stand in the center of the table. The decor always gives the essence of autumn in our family. So you can bring out the best of autumn this thanksgiving right there on the table decoration. Go forth and decorate!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanksgiving embellishments

What knits an attractive and successful party is the decoration. This is the moment when we remain glued to the decorating stuff. It caters to the party. Thanksgiving often gets squeezed between the mellifluous Christmas carols and the terrifying Halloween images. Make a thanksgiving wreath to show how grateful you are to those who have beautifully painted your world.
Well you can exhibit your innovation with paper. Paper crafts are easy to make and are also quite in vogue.
This year I will be making strings of multi-colored paper leaves to decorate the doors with them. To add more to the flavor of decoration, I will create paper scarecrows. You can use pastels to make it attractive. They are a favorite among young kids. There is also a mad rush for creating structure out of beads. Paper dolls have also created a niche for itself among the kids. One cannot imagine thanksgiving parties without turkey. So I will be placing a paper turkey at the midst of the table and blend different colors to make lovely images of paper flowers. Who knows it might appear real to the guests!
Let imagination run wild. To be enlightened with more such amazing ideas just check out:

Top Thanksgiving Movies

Gathered around the dinner table, watching football or eating turkey is quite an usual way to celebrate Thanksgiving. This time however, I am also planning to lay my hands on some of the most popular Thanksgiving movies and screen them during the party for the elders as well as the kids, just to add a little Hollywood flavor to the festive spirit of Thanksgiving this year.
Woody Allen's 1986 film, 'Hannah and her sisters' would top the list as the best Thanksgiving movie where Hannah's clan gathers to celebrate in a grand apartment. Hearts are broken but get mended as well in startling ways. This movie about the drama that ensues in the life of three sisters acts as an amazing mood refresher. Next comes, Jodie Foster's directorial debut, 'Home for the Holidays'. Thanksgiving dinner with the family can be at times a provoking yet hilarious experience. Presented in a truly marvelous fashion, this film is a must see. Others in the list are:
'The House of Yes'- Parker Posey won a Special Recognition Award at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival for her outstanding performance of a mentally deranged and jealous young sister unable to bear the site of her older brother's girlfriend at the Thanksgiving party in this film.
'The Ice Storm'- Starring Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tobey Maguire, Elija Wood and Christina Ricci, this film triumphs in re-creating the atmosphere of boredom and despair experienced by married couples in the suburbs of USA during the 70s.
'Rugrats Thanksgiving'- Watching the little midgets chart out a master plan to save the poor turkey from being roasted alive is sure to make you all laugh incessantly with the entire family.
'Plains Trains and Automobiles'- With Steve Martin and John Candy starring, this film caters to satisfy just about any palette.
'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'- Though not technically a film, this Emmy award winning TV show where Snoopy and Woodstock plan the most unusual Thanksgiving party dinner of popcorn, toast and jellybeans for their friends, is a treat to watch and guffaw at with amusement.

For further details, check out:

Friday, October 27, 2006

The American Spirit of Thanksgiving

United States of America was founded by a group of men ( Pilgrim fathers) whose adventurous spirit and the desire to establish a land of free thinkers bore fruit. Centuries have passed since then, and our country has advanced by leaps and bounds in all spheres be it military prowess, peaceful co-existence with peers across the globe, or multiculturalism within the country itself. All this has added unlimited feathers to our cap. However, we excel most in keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving alive even today through our undying faith in what our forefathers believed in, the freedom of the soul to chose between what is right and what is wrong and our inner strength to practice this faith in God and ourselves openly. In our national songs, “In God We Trust” or “one nation under God”, this faith finds special attention as well.
Thanksgiving in America is an embodiment of goodness and contentment. In a land partaking in plenty, this secular festival marks the coming together of distant family members to celebrate and pray for each other's well being and thank God for his immense grace. President George Washington first proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1789 with these words, "It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor...[we] recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God."
Hence for all of us, Thanksgiving is a time to rediscover the spiritual being within and draw strength from our founders and political zealots whose prolific faith has created a nation that we as well as our progeny will be proud of.
Take a quick peep here to mull over the true essence of the Spirit of Thanksgiving:,2933,176572,00.html

Make a difference Holidaying this Thanksgiving

Travelling has been always a pleasure. It transcends a person from chaotic life to more serene and peaceful life. The mind is relaxed and you come back with new spirit. So are you planning for a get-a-way this year on thanksgiving? Go ahead. Plan it. Nothing can be better than holidaying with your loved ones. You can compensate all their complains with a perfect holiday plan. One cannot think of a holiday on the Thanksgiving without the mention of Thanksgiving Point. It is just 20minutes from downtown Salt Lake city. An exciting and ideal place for the family. The kids will love the animal park which is educative at same time.

There is extraordinary dining and shopping option too. Bambara restaurant is the famous and award winning place where you can punch some snack or two. Experience the world of flavors at Bambara. For more info you can look into A complete package, isn't it? Nothing will be more exciting and grand than bringing back the smile on the face of the people you love the most. Also the most important thing to decide while planning a holiday is the Time. Don't decide at the last end.

Booking for the flights should be done in advance otherwise you will be landing in 8C and your family in 36F. Already panicked! Don't be, start the planning right away. The flight details regarding the places for holidaying would be of great help. To overcome the wastage of time, here is a site which would give you all the information needed: Help the kids to pack their rack-pack as they are more excited.

This is the right time to teach your kids about the history behind thanksgiving. The best way to do it, is by visiting the historical sites. One of them being the Pilgrim Monument located on High Pole Hill at the intersection of Bradford and Winslow Street in downtown Province town, Massachusetts. It will also brush up your history a bit! You think its like hitting two ducks with one shot?! Definitely! Plan out what type of traveller you are, which class of passenger you want to be on the board. Verify the tickets so that there is no last minute confusion. E-ticket or paper ticket ? There is huge confusion about it and paper tickets are getting expensive so guys e-ticketting is the best option for the people who are always on move. So start surfing the Internet about the flight schedules and book the tickets right way...come on hurry the queue is getting longer. For more details about the best holiday spots you can visit the following sites.

Thanksgiving Eve party

The idea of thanksgiving has always been of a morning celebration. But what about the night? Do u like partying?? I love it. And do you know the reason why? Because I party with family members. I enjoy to the fullest. Don't be caught in just turkey and cranberry sauce. Celebrate it in a style with retro music, glass of beer and funky outfit. And being a New Yorkite myself partying is definitely in style and trend. So set in the mood and start partying. The bar attenders are trying their hands on some new punch like mixing up your favorite drinks and shots. The thanksgiving cocktails with martinis, cosmos, flaming Moe's and beers would definitely be the hot favourites among the people. Dance along the music by the DJ. Tap your feet with your loved once. So where's the party tonight?? Start deciding now. The most happening disco's of your city will thrive with life and you should be a part of it. So start the shopping spree right away. Decide on what to wear and what not to wear. City life is always full of chaos and fuss. Would there be a better way to unwind yourself than this ? With season of celebration banging on the door, go ahead, party along the people you love and care the most!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Whats a Thanksgiving without Parade?

To me Thanksgiving has always been a ensemble of the people I love the family. It is really a rattling experience to stand there on the road an the parade passing by with larger-than-life-balloon characters floating. It's a wondrous sight. The balloons were modified over the years, in the cartoon characters from helium, to novelty, to ornamental balloons. There is design-a-balloon contest which is organized now to built up the excitement. And those who want to laze around, its the time to get up from the bed in the morning, switch on the t.v and watch the your favorite anchor. But this year the picture would be different as Katie Couric is not there. So guys don't get upset you can always have fun by cheering in person. Right? You can obviously take some time out for your family once a year. Even they need some attention, don't u think so?

Thanksgiving is incomplete without the hulla of the parade. Thanksgiving parade has gained lot of grandness for around 75 years now. The first and fore most priority of the parade is to bring smile across the faces and build up the essence of joy and laughter in the air. You have to be there to feel the excitement in the air. The people try tirelessly and effortlessly to bring excitement and newness into the parade. Macy's Parade has a special significance as they try out new ways of exhilaration among the people. Parade without the balloons, floats, stars and performers, marching bands, clowns is all drab and dingy. Thanksgiving parade is considered as the opening act of the holiday season. Thanksgiving parade is more than just a parade its a panorama of a nations profound history. It is considered to overcome all the animus within. Bring people nearer to their family and friends. Enjoyment is always at its best when family get involves in it. Its a great way to begin your Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving- A Reunion to Cherish

I am planning to have a rocking reunion party at my place this year. Thanksgiving since childhood has been a really special time for me when all my family members starting from grand mom, grandpa, my godmother, aunt and uncle, cousins and the rest flock in from far flung places bringing in love, luck and loads of gifts. The beauty of fall and the scent of winter in the air with Christmas close at hand, and my sweetheart by my side along with my sister, brother-in-law and their beautiful kids, this Thanksgiving is sure to stay locked in my memories for years to come.
A large well stuffed turkey is the first supreme necessity and so is my mom's best crockery. With red wine preferably Pinot Noir or Tempranillo and white wine which could be Gruner Veltline, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Blanc, and some mouth watering delicacies made with cranberry sauce, my ancestors' appetites (whose spirits are sure to participate) will be satiated and so will ours.
Joining hands to pray and make a wish for myself and others, I remember how my mom used to tell us to remember God's blessings and the efforts of the pilgrim fathers who have made us what we are today. These little activities have brought me closer to my family and I feel this is enough reason for me to stick to all family traditions and celebrate the spirit of the season with full gusto. Some Hollywood films show families bickering amongst each other during Thankgiving dinner but for me and I am sure for most of you all, its a time to exchange long awaited hugs and kisses, catch up on old sweet memories, and make promises to keep coming back every year. Unfortunately, my cousin Harry and his wife Bianca residing in Texas wont be able to make it to our place this time. Sob...Sob..hey but I have a bright idea. I plan to flood their mail boxes with lots of ecards from some cool websites I came across on the net.
A free egreetings website with cards catering to all age groups. Topics like thanksgiving prayer, dinner, jokes and poems are all worth taking a look at. Their interactive cards are my favorite.
Amazing cards but have to pay for this one though.
Time to start thinking and thanking for all you are worth for a smooth sailing Thanksgiving reunion.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sailing Through On Thanksgiving:

How about a celebration with a difference on thanksgiving? Celebrating the feast facing the wide water body. Blue waters under your feet and open high skies over your head. Already feeling romantic? Well apart from your beloved, the entire family can be the part of this extravaganza. To experience this wonderful feel one can avail the thanksgiving cruise service nearby. Don't think about the expenses! There is availability of cheap fare for this heavenly experience. The “fun ships” have bright lights added to them and also live performances for the voyagers are great attraction. There are gourmet dining, casinos, lively clubs, and shopping malls. There are also music, rock, jazz and classical and of course karaoke. These cruises provide complete range of entertainment for people on board. So dip into the cool blue waters and fill up your stomach with some lip smacking food and enjoy the day thanking all! The understated links would add to your extraordinary experiences.

Thanksgiving with football

Friends or family, food, and a crate of beer are enough to keep the mood ticking to the tune of Thanksgiving. But if there is a ball to chase and a game to win, those of us glued to the television can't really be blamed because NFL football truly endorses the spirit of the day.
Here's some good news for all potential footballers which will make their dreams come true this Thanksgiving. Former NFL player Michael Husted has launched to ensure a bright future for novice kickers. Finally the time has come to get noticed by some of your favorite players and coaches instead of just squatting in front of your television sets this year. No doubt, this Thanksgiving party, the more time spent in kicking a football will not just rock the party but your life as well.
But for most crazy football fans, a blessing which they should kneel down and thank heaven for is that most moms are tuned to love cooking and not watching football, so what we have is a turkey that tastes deliciously yummy at the end of the day and a well fed tummy which is once again ready to cheer its favorite team with a can of beer.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thanksgiving: Unsung History of Native Americans

We have always celebrated Thanksgiving in new style. Have you ever thought how did it all start? No ,I am not here to bore you with same old stuff of producing facts and figures but would like to throw some light on the Native American style of Thanksgiving. The Wampanoag is one of the native Americans. Knowing the modern way of celebrating Thanksgiving is boring, isn't it? From 1621 this Thanksgiving was known as Harvest Cutting Celebration and lasted only for 3yrs and gradually it increased with the time. I have a Wampanoag friend named Kimlee. He told me that football, as played today on Thanksgiving has a special meaning to it. It is not just a game but played for a purpose to settle down arguments between people and families. According to him, traveling in a dug out Mishoon(handmade boat) and meeting friends was more a fun than tradition. Enjoyment was the core word. Once when I was really young, I had the privilege to accompany him to his village. Had a blast hunting. It was winter and hunting is best during this time as baby birds and animals are grown this time. The meat and the fur are better in colder weather. We had hunted deer,beaver, turkey and many more. But the forest law are strong enough now so hunting has reduced. I had learnt that planting of corn seeds needed herring fish. The fish is put into the ground and earth is mounded on it. This helps in growing corn plants taller. All these experiences have made me realized that thanksgiving is a celebration where the most important thing is Thanking the Mother Earth more than the humans, sharing food with a small feast. It is being thankful to God and all the people around you. So start noting the names of the people whom to the way don't forget to thank me too who made you realize this fact!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Celebrating “It” in a different way :

Thanksgiving has always been a joyous celebration. We always go on talking about our family, friends and loved ones. But I was wondering why do we forget our senior citizens, the needy and the unprivileged. This year I have thought of spending this occasion with these people. Bring in some joy in their lives. Do you also want to make a difference with your little touch? I am thinking of transforming my house this year as Orphan Holiday House. On 23rd November I have planned out a football match for them. It will be a wonderful time. Playing with them will be a merriment but most of the time want to sit back on that cane chair in the lawn and enjoy watching the football game and stuff my face until I can no long move my legs and fall on my back ultimately in a turtle syndrome. But my spirit will not fade away with this, still I will be cheering the children with my family members. Have a feast of time with a Turkey dipped in chocolate sauce and onion-garlic stuffing. The children will love it. Gifting them with presents and chocolate is my mom's idea. She loves to be with children always. And I am also not an exceptional. So guys and gals why wait.....celebrate this Thanksgiving in a unique and true style!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day

The debate on Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day(BND) is everlasting as one is a response to another after Thanksgiving. Black Friday helps to forget a need to help at the soup kitchen, skip the parades and football games, ditch the family celebrations. Instead hit the malls and get a jump on giving your cash to retailers. Blogcritics' Victor Plenty suggests some more productive ways to spend your Black Friday: They are: play some of those games you already own,watch movies you already own,read books, take a walk in the park etc. On the other hand BND has been a response to the Black Friday by the anti-capitalist protesters.There are many advantages of celebrating this venerable holiday.You don't impulse buy a bunch of stuff just because it's on sale, don't have to get up before dawn to wait in line, have more time for making turkey soup and polishing the pie, have more time for updating your blog!! The choice is yours now...what do you think you prefer more among the two? Both have their own pro's and con's. Get influenced and get started with one which effectuate your mind the most. So you can be both Capitalist or Anti-capitalist in America itself!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


From the arid region, emerging from the heat, sun, aloneness, air, light and rocks I have now travelled to the city, unused to the human inhabitant, artificial noise, confined and constricted places. I am considered as an unique “gift”idea for the special occasion of human on earth the “Thanksgiving”. I am Thanksgiving cactus, who blooms at the end of October or beginning of November, with tubular and beautiful flowers portraying colors from white to dark red, and shading from dark orange to light purple. Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera truncate) has sharply serrated or "toothed" leaves as compared to the more rounded leaves of the Christmas cactus. Thanksgiving Cactus is easy to grow them from cuttings. Planted in a decorative pot, they make a nice hostess gift, holiday table centerpiece, or present for friends and family on the Thanksgiving Eve. It offers you a brief idea about Thanksgiving gift ideas. One can buy rooting hormone at local garden center or nursery supply store. Placing the cutting where it will get good air circulation is a good idea, out of direct sun, for a week or so to allow the wound to begin healing. Before planting the plant, push the root end of the cutting into the potting medium about one inch deep. The medium should be kept just barely moist. To help prevent the soil from drying out, invert a plastic bag over the pot. Use straws or popsicle sticks to keep the bag from resting on the foliage. Thanksgiving was never been so exciting with such weird and unique gift idea. So guys what are u waiting for go and get one succulent today and start thanking people in a way that the rest of the world is not!!

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