Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness... it's an occasion to be spent in the warm and loving company of family, loved ones and friends enjoying turkey roast and pumpkin pies with them. Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to renew the ties that bind us with the ones we love... it is a time for remembering, cherishing and being thankful for all the good things you have been blessed with. So it's time to say 'Happy Thanksgiving'

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day

The debate on Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day(BND) is everlasting as one is a response to another after Thanksgiving. Black Friday helps to forget a need to help at the soup kitchen, skip the parades and football games, ditch the family celebrations. Instead hit the malls and get a jump on giving your cash to retailers. Blogcritics' Victor Plenty suggests some more productive ways to spend your Black Friday: They are: play some of those games you already own,watch movies you already own,read books, take a walk in the park etc. On the other hand BND has been a response to the Black Friday by the anti-capitalist protesters.There are many advantages of celebrating this venerable holiday.You don't impulse buy a bunch of stuff just because it's on sale, don't have to get up before dawn to wait in line, have more time for making turkey soup and polishing the pie, have more time for updating your blog!! The choice is yours now...what do you think you prefer more among the two? Both have their own pro's and con's. Get influenced and get started with one which effectuate your mind the most. So you can be both Capitalist or Anti-capitalist in America itself!



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