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Monday, September 11, 2006

How To Make Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey

Fall is on its way and I cant wait to soak in the festivities of the season. The foodie that I am - I love the holidays for the delicious treats. I wait all year long for the Thanksgiving Turkey. Last year was quite a feast - a large roasted one at the dinner table simply send me into raptures. As much as I love to eat , am quite a cook myself (my wife wouldnt acknowledge this though!!). I love going through books and surfing sites that offer new recipies. Heres a simple roasted turkey recipie for all my food loving friends -

Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey
1 turkey (approx. 16 to 20 pounds)
Stuffing of your choice
First, thaw your Thanksgiving turkey in the refrigerator, giving some time to get the giblet broth ready the day before roasting the bird. The turkey legs are to be removed from the leg sockets or skin crossing the tail. If needed, you may also take out the leg clamps from the body. Now, you also need to remove giblets and neck from the body cavities of the turkey. Just before roasting, you need to spoon in the stuffing into the body cavities of the Thanksgiving bird. But do not put more than 3/4 cup stuffing per pound of turkey. Do not pack the stuffing too hard, or it will not get sufficiently hot by the time of cooking. Now you can tuck the legs back under the band of skin or reset legs into the sockets. You can also tie legs together with string if you find the leg clamp removed. Now place the Thanksgiving turkey on a shelf in a shallow roasting pan with its breast side up. Fix a meat thermometer into the center of a thigh muscle so that the bulb doesn't touch the bone. Now cover it with foil, allowing some space between the turkey and foil. Tighten the foil over the drumsticks and neck. Roast it until the meter of the oven reads 180 degrees F and juices start oozing out. It takes about 4 to 5 hours for a stuffed bird. Now put the bowl containing the extra bit of stuffing in the last half hour of roasting. Remember to remove the foil in the last 30-45 minutes to allow the turkey turn a yummy brown. Here, your Thanksgiving turkey is ready now ! Take the turkey out from the oven and keep it covered loosely in foil before serving hot.

Heres wishing good luck for your cooking endeavours.

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