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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanking The Sons of America

Do we ever think about who had put the soldiers to die on that battle field? Be it the two World Wars or the Vietnam war, the soldiers unquestionably sacrificed their lives! And we, just “Thank”them on a specified day, 11th November. For me, I am deeply concerned about them. They are the strength for any country. The Veterans Of America are uniting new generation veterans with those from past wars to address the causes, conduct and consequences of the present day wars. They are deeply concerned about the mourning human and political cost for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Have you ever thought that the modern day wars have created emboldened and unprecedented threats to our national security. ASIA TIMES reports that US military officials says that 30% troops returning from Iraq has developed stress related mental problems. Mental and emotional health issues have become serious enough concern for the Pentagon. I stand-by and salute them. They are concerned about the future. There is a massive change in the scene from the past. This day stands for a concern for troops who are still fighting, missing home when all of us are planning for a splendid dinner with family. Have you read “The uncensored war: the Media and Vietnam” by Daniel C. Halin or “The View From The Ground” by Martha Gellhom? The books really made a difference in my life. Now I can really feel the pain of Melissa who had lost her brother in the Iraq war and this thanksgiving its his death anniversary. So at one end people will enjoy and at the other a homage will be paid to a veteran. This would be a best way of thanking him as he sacrificed his life for all of us! We will aways be proud of the soldiers who brought us peace and freedom! Thank you for all your daring feats!


Blogger Dani said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever. This is awesome.

Those who fight for us are the some of the people I most admire. That takes real love and dedication.

three cheers for this site.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, this blog is really good and it speaks about our heroes. good job sean! you seem to be so passionate. yes i salute too! i like your style of writing...

9:06 AM  
Blogger CyberCelt said...

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2:59 PM  

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