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Monday, November 05, 2007

Thanksgiving Turkey Low in Stock in Food Bank!

With Thanksgiving approaching fast, I am sure you're ready to roast your thanksgiving turkeys. But have you ever spared a thought about the down trodden section of the turkey population? Kate Lombardo, the Executive Director of Food Bank says that Food Bank Lower Fairfield County in Connecticut is running a shortage of turkeys for this Thanksgiving. While the food Bank had 1400 turkey at this time in 2006, this year it has only five turkeys on November 2nd in the late afternoon to distribute to needy families for Thanksgiving. “Oil is up”, said Lombardo and with this slumping economy the past donors are not as generous this year. With the present stock of only 5 turkeys the agency has to go a long way to meet the need of 3000 turkeys for Thanksgiving 2007.

If your are in Connecticut area you can take some noble steps to donate some turkeys in order to scale up the stock level. Please contact Kate Lombardo(Executive Director, Food Bank), at or call (203) 358-8898.

Let me wish all the best to Lombardo and her agency.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up here in our neck o' the woods, we's don't do Turkeys. We's do potatoes and yes ma'am we does them right. Come visit us for a short spell and have a pint of ale while you sit.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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